Why ReRez is Your Best Choice

If We Can’t Do It, It Can’t Be Done.

ReRez is a full-service market research firm, offering a multi-panel solution. We represent several of the largest online panel vendors, with a combined panel of more than 40+ million individuals in over 53 countries, and are methodology and online panel specialists. In fact, several of the vendors you are probably familiar with occasionally go outside their own panel and many rely on us to complete their projects.

Due to the size of our panel and the fact it is profiled by over 500 segmentation variables, we are able to assist clients in all industries including B2B, Consumer, Healthcare (Physicians and Consumers), IT, International, and Hispanic studies. And because of the volume of business we do with our partners, our turn times are faster and our pricing more flexible than if you were to go to them directly.

We recognize the value in surrounding yourself with people who are best at what they do.

As market researchers ourselves, our job extends far beyond data collection. You are the professional on the front end and back end of the project; we are the professionals serving as the checkpoint in the middle…We in effect become your safety net!

Our job is to help you win more business, by carrying the burden of the project through completion. If the results you are looking for are not found with your current vendor, for example, it is our responsibility to reach out to our partners to fill in those gaps. As your single point of contact, we seamlessly incorporate each panel partner’s processes until we have attained the results you need. You simply tell us where your current offering or vendor is lacking and we take it from there.

ReRez is the unique solution to your data collection needs. Through alliance agreements with several leading online panel and data collection companies, we have collectively pooled the industry’s resources to fill all your needs including multiple difficult to reach demographic segments: Highly specialized Consumer, B2B, Decision Makers, Physicians, Patients, Spanish Speaking Hispanics, Ethnic, Youth and Low Incidence panels.

Having access to multiple panels sets ReRez apart and ensures you 100% completion and fast turnaround.

Our comprehensive technology and consultative project management process provides you a distinct business advantage, by offering multiple data collection solutions. One call to us connects you with multiple resources, yet the project management details are handled by one reliable source - ReRez.

our clients love us!

our clients love us!

ReRez in effect becomes your consultant. We represent YOU, not our own product list or our resource partners. Our objectivity allows us to asses your project and recommend the best methodology. Our autonomy frees us from promoting one particular resource for fulfillment.

To achieve this level of flexibility, in addition to over 22+ M WORLDWIDE panel program members, we also offer the following:


Research Alternatives:

  • Customer and client satisfaction surveys

  • Competitive analysis

  • Concept feedback and creative testing

  • Product and service evaluation

  • Company, product, brand awareness, attitudes, trial and usage

  • Home placement and diary studies

  • Employee surveys and assessments

Methods, practices & resources we employ:

  • Internet surveys

  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

  • Online panel

  • Virtual focus groups

  • Traditional focus groups

  • CATI interviewing

  • Custom panels

  • Incentive programs

Outsourcing with specialists through ReRez offers efficiencies such as increased capacity, minimal sample quality issues and, very importantly, the volume buying capability that ultimately contributes to cost effectiveness and the bottom line of the project. By leveraging our specialized capabilities and accessing resources, your value will exceed the cost of goods and services sold.


  • A team of experienced professionals whose primary goal is YOUR success.

  • Objective consultation with a team of experienced market researchers and project managers.

  • Ability to offer a fully customized, cost effective solution across multiple panels and multiple solutions.

  • Guarantee you are using the right methodology for each project.

  • A partner that takes full responsibility for the success of the study and validity of the results.

  • Prescreening of panelists prior to project launch where incidence is unknown and the confidence of the client needs to be gained.

  • Access to resources for very low incidence studies.

  • Unsurpassed service and turnaround time.

  • Representative sample, positive response rates, sample quality.

  • Project Management that exceeds client expectations. 


We have connected our panel partners to a variety of clients in several industries; including, but not limited to:


Panel members are invited through a controlled mix of e-mail invitations, physical post-card invitations, targeted banner ads and by phone to help balance demographics. All panel establishment methodologies fully comply with CASRO and ESOMAR guidelines. Currently over 500 organizations are members of CASRO and ESOMAR.

Using a patent-pending capability called "dynamic profile enrichment”, we use incentives and an intelligent database algorithm to periodically present panelists with opportunities to update their profile. This method is state-of-the-art in terms of panel profile refreshment and maintenance. Also, new members are continually being recruited to keep the panel fresh.

Over 22+ Million WORLDWIDE members have been recruited into our panel. During the panel enrollment process a very detailed demographic, psycho-graphic, and geographic profile from each panelist (over 400 segmentation variables) is captured.

The panel is successfully used for both Consumer and B2B research studies. Using its panel profile information as a starting point for all research projects, sample is normalized/balanced to match any target audience desired. For example, consumer studies are often normalized to match 2000 U.S. Census demographics statistics, while B2B studies can be matched to D&B industry vertical statistics. As an additional quality mechanism, a "blind screener" can be performed to further pre-qualify panelists to match specific research partner custom project needs. The B2B panel is the premier business panel available to researchers today, with occupational profile information available on over 14 Million individuals, and full business profile information available on over 9 Million individuals. B2B-targeted survey complete rates average between 20-25%. In addition to it's responsiveness, the depth of B2B segmentation available "off-the-shelf" sets the research panel apart from other B2B fielding alternatives: with selects by: business title, functional role, business size (# employees & annual revenue), industry vertical, years in business, business type, business purchasing role (decision-maker or influencer) for 22 different purchase categories, etc.

Our goal at ReRez is to help you maintain the confidence of your current clients, to win additional business and to make it feasible that you NEVER have to turn away business.

If We Can't Do It, It Cannot Be Done!