Over 22+ Million Profiled Online Research Panel

Our Consumer Panel is Profiled with over 500 Different Variables. We not only know the gender, marital status, and ages of the children of our panelists, we also know the medications they take, make and model of the cars they drive, Internet service provider, and sports they participate in, among a myriad of other information.

Our B2B Panel is Segmented by Industry, Company Size and Occupation.

We invite panelists by job title (including medical specialties if surveying Physicians), industry segment, size of company (number of employees and/or revenue), years in business, and purchasing responsibilities, to name a few options.

We specialize in IT and Management level respondents and are used for studies most can’t complete.


The online panel has been recruited by "an invitation only" model as well as a self-selection model, which gives us the greatest panel diversity.

Like a random telephone, mail intercept or mail panel survey, potential respondents are contacted by invitation and requested to participate in our online studies.

Clients can define the demographic characteristics of their target market and we will deliver this market from among the panel participants available. General demographics are collected for the panel respondents allowing the company to target a group for each specific project. When required, we can recruit for specific criteria needed for a study in order to accommodate the project.

All panel establishment methodologies, etc. fully comply with CASRO guidelines, of which our panel partner is a member organization.

We maintain and update the panel by recruiting in new members. We encourage all current panelists to keep their profiles fresh using a patent-pending capability called “dynamic profile enrichment” whereby we use incentives and an intelligent database algorithm to periodically present panelists with opportunities to update certain aspects of their profile. This method is state-of-the-art in terms of panel profile refreshment and maintenance.

In most cases, we prescreen our panel members for your study, based on the specific qualification requested. This is done while the survey is being programmed. So by the time the survey is tested and ready to go, so are your qualified respondents.

“I know I've mentioned it before, but just can't say enough how much I love your team. April and Becky both are just awesome to work with. These last few multi-country projects rank among the most difficult I've come across, and it honestly helps me sleep better at night to know you have our back and are working to the fullest extent to get things done with a level of urgency matched to my own. More than once on this HP project I've received emails sent at 3 and 4 a.m. – which is obviously is not ideal or expected, but just underscores the level of dedication. More than anything, it is a great thing to know that you are working with people who will give you honest and candid feedback and recommendations especially when things are tough. It goes a long way toward being able to set realistic expectations with our clients. You're obviously doing a great job motivating and mentoring your staff to be extremely client-focused and all of us here at Mindwave benefit from the value of our relationship.”

Carrie Chisholm 
Senior Research Manager
Mindwave Research Inc.



Offerings for Physicians & Patients

The consumer / patient portion and the physician portion are recruited from individuals that have come to the Directory looking for information about doctors, certain ailments and illnesses.


The physician panel contains 95% of ALL available physicians. This panel can also identify Gender, Medical School , Graduation, place of residency or fellowship, languages, board certification or eligibility, and geography. We have the ability to reach ~1-2% or any given market within 7 days, 3-7% within 14 days, and 8–15% within 21 days.

This panel can be recruited via email, fax, and direct mail depending on the quantity of completes that are desired. 


The Patient Panel is a fully interactive list reachable by email. These consumers / patients are extremely active in their healthcare and willing to participate in all manners of survey opportunities. The consumer panel may be reached through a "cost per complete" basis where we manage all recruiting, incentive costs and fulfillment.

Reach: ~1,300,000
Gender: Male - 45% Female - 55%
Age: under 18 yrs 12%
18-24 yrs 7%
25-34 yrs 21%
35-44 yrs 25%
45-54 yrs 21%
55-64 yrs 10%
over 65 yrs 5%

Targeting Options
65+ Ailments/Conditions 
80+ Rx Used 
45+ OTC Product Used 
Demographics (Gender, Age, Income, and others)

Out of Box Targeting:
Any ailment/criteria may be targeted through additional means such as surveying the panel to reach additional respondents as well as leveraging our relationship with the physician panel in order to refer hard to reach patients such as rare cancers, HIV, recently diagnosed, etc.



The latest and greatest of cutting-edge technology

ReRez assures the respondent’s experience is easy and friendly. The site is visually appealing and the respondents enjoy participating in your Internet Survey. We guide respondents directly to a web site where they participate in the Internet survey. Clients can view the results in real time. We handle all of the aspects of the project so that you don’t have to.

See Online Research Panel for additional information.

This includes recruiting, project design, programming, data collection, analysis and delivery of results. So, use ReRez for some or all of the process. It's up to you!

Internet Survey programming allows for simple surveys or complex. Our surveys can meet all of your needs:

  • Skip Pattern

  • Rotation of questions

  • Complex Logic

  • Multiple choice, Drop Down Boxes, listing questions and calculations

  • Graphics and Video

  • Password protection


  • Speed in achieving completed surveys 

  • Cost Effective (less expensive than telephone surveys) 

  • Immediate response 

  • No Interviewer bias 

  • Real-time Reporting Capability


  • From our well-managed and well-profiled panel

  • Your client’s database

  • By mail

  • Or by an invitation distributed at the client store or location



For studies or respondent types

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is the ability for respondents to participate in a study or interview using the buttons of any touch-tone phone via a 1-800-number.


  • Customers can respond 24 x 7 at their convenience.

  • Multiple languages are available.

  • Infinite number of question branches, skip patterns, or triggers.

  • Ability to digitally record callers comment/suggestions.

  • Review of customer comments via telephone.

  • Quick reporting of data

  • Modifications to the questionnaire can be made 'on the fly'.

  • Reporting options include e-mail, print, fax, or the Internet.

  • No Interviewer Bias

  • All types of respondents can respond.

IVR can be used for different types of studies or respondent types. Simply invite customer or respondents at a store or restaurant or mail their invitation to them. Here are a few examples:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Use IVR to invite customers at a restaurant to share their experience or those customers ordering a new item at a fast food restaurant for the first time to give you immediate feedback on the new burger or shake.

  • Product Evaluation – Put an attractive invitation on a can of spray paint, inviting those that purchase it the chance to answer some questions about its use and their use of it.

  • Service Evaluation – Mail out an invitation in a credit card statement asking your customers to call in and take a short survey about the types of services they are receiving from the bank or financial institution. 


  • Lower costs.

  • Fast data collection.

  • Ability to identify problem areas quickly.

  • Immediate feedback.

  • Hear customer comments in their own voice.

  • Anyone who has access to a phone can participate.

  • Absolute uniformity, no interviewer bias.

  • Convenience



Participants will love the experience from the home or office.

Virtual Focus Groups provide a fast, valid, insightful and cost effective way to bring together qualified respondents from around the country or around the world together.

Whether B2B or consumer, the participants will love the experience from their own home or office.


  • Quality: Quality information and Honesty without peer pressure.

  • Fast: Faster than traditional focus groups while maintaining the quality of human response.

  • Expansive: Conduct quality research with no demographic limitations. Gather honest human response from an unlimited demographic area without ever leaving your city.

  • Use our Moderators or receive Moderator Training and do it yourself.

  • Technical Support available during the duration of the Virtual Focus Group or as required.

  • Ability to Preload the Discussion Guide.

  • Ease in scheduling, planning and conducting.

  • No travel costs.


  • Password Privacy Protection: Users must use a password for privacy protection.

  • Recruit from the Online Research Panel, by Phone or mail. Use the Online Research Panel to profile the respondents desired or provide a list from which to recruit. Up to you.

  • Participants are screened and invited to participate by phone and e-mail instruction.

  • Moderator Controlled: The focus groups are set-up like a chat room where the moderator has controls that keep the room on task.

  • Display Media: Allows the client to use graphics, display photos, websites and active links, as well as, gather responses to a whiteboard and evaluate using all the benefits of the Virtual Focus Group Room

Call us or e-mail us for more information.



Recruit by phone, mail or also by using our Online Research Panel.

Our intention is to be your one stop shop. If you need assistance in recruiting or scheduling for Traditional Focus Groups, please don’t hesitate to call us and let us know your needs. 

No matter the state or the respondent type, we can recruit by phone, mail or by using our Online Research Panel. 

Whether you have a moderator or need one, we can meet your needs. We have several Moderators, male and female, that are ready to speak with you about your study and do as much or as little of the process as you would like.



Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing

Our goal is to make you life easier. Use our phone room partners to conduct your study. Whether you are trying to complete the survey on the phone, or invite qualified respondents to an Internet Survey, we can help.

ReRez has a vast amount of experience in all types of studies, among all types of industries. So, we understand research and understand the importance of quick turn-around and valid data.

We will not hesitate to inform you of our thoughts on the best way to get the information you need to satisfy your research needs. 



Senior level analysts that are experts in analyzing and interpreting data.


Designing a survey instrument to conduct a market research study is critical to achieving a project's overall goals and objectives. ReRez works with their clients to ensure the quality of the questionnaire is reflective of the client’s overall management objective and technically free from bias.


Once the data collection phase is complete, cross tabulations are produced that are customized to fit our client’s specific research needs. Our tabulations are easy-to-read and prepared in a Word Document (*.doc). We recognize that market research sometimes raises as many questions as it answers. Therefore, it is our policy to process ad-hoc tabulations free of charge. Depending on the complexity of the request, they are typically conducted within 48 hours. In addition to the cross-tabulations, a raw data file will be provided in a Comma Delimited ASCII or Tab Delimited format.

Click here for a Cross Tabulation example. (PDF)


ReRez has a staff of senior-level analysts that are experts in analyzing and interpreting data. Our goal is to provide clients with results that are directional, actionable and most importantly, reflect the overall management objective.

Click here for a Analytical Capability example. (PDF) 


Sometimes clients need a quick summary of the results without detailed analysis. This is known as a top line report. The term comes from analyzing the results of only the "top line" of the tabulated data.


The structure of a full written analysis is completely dependent on the objectives of the study and the data collection design that was implemented. This level of reporting provides very detailed results and analyses of the data with recommendations that pertain specifically to the objectives of the research project.