Unexplained Abdominal Pain Screener

Answering these questions may lead you to consider discussing with your doctor whether you could be affected by a rare condition called Acute Hepatic Porphyria. Please select the answer that best describes any symptoms that you have experienced in your lifetime. Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is conducting this screener. Deidentified results from this screener will be used by Alnylam for research. You can view Alnylam's privacy policy at: http://www.alnylam.com/privacy-policy

*This screener is not validated by any medical organization and does not replace the opinion of a trained medical physician.

Have you ever experienced excruciating belly pain lasting more than one day and that required you to seek emergency or urgent medical care? (Choose one) *
Has your gastrointestinal or belly pain ever reoccurred without a proper diagnosis or treatment? (Choose one) *
In your experience with these attacks, do the episodes typically start prior to the beginning of your menstrual period and persist for the entire cycle? (Choose one) *