Using a campaign in the community, a community member would click on “Learn More” to take them to a destination.

Client provides:

  • Link to the survey: (Example:

Research Company provides:

  • 3 Redirect links for (C)ompletes, (T)erms and Over (Q)uotas ([userid]&type=C)

  • StartZONE initial link with Project ID, Partner ID, and UserID (

When the respondent clicks the “Take the Survey” button below, they begin their journey in StartZONE. The system collects ID information from the initial link and assigns the user and ID. It also de-dupes and validates the user before sending on to the survey. There is an option to Pre-Screen with a few questions before sending on to the Survey.

Digital Invitation to take the Survey (Email, Social Media, etc):

From: "The Health Connection" <>
Subject: Survey on Healthy Habits 
Date: February 19, 2021 at 1:00:46 PM CST
To: <>


We are excited to ask for your support in answering a few questions about your healthy habits. The survey should take less than 10 minutes and will help us collect relevant data that can be used in our community.

Thank for your help!
The Healthy Connection Team