ReRez has spent a tremendous amount of time working closely with partners to develop solutions not possible with online panels and current standard research solutions.  This solution allows our clients to complete all of their research needs through us.  It is already possible for some of our core clients to do dozens of studies in more than 25 countries adding millions of dollars in revenue and solutions.

Your project management team at ReRez has 25+ years of combined research experience - not just a technology company like most. We are finding companies overpromising and under-delivering. Our processes have been proven and have made a huge difference in our providing a proactive approach versus the reactive approach others offer. This method allows for missing audiences and guarantees a stronger representation. Against popular belief when you have a lower incidence audience, the phone or face to face costs can actually come out to the same if not lower cost than online.

We take a lot of pride in the combination of processes in place to achieve success in every study we have done worldwide. As noted initially we have centers in 20% of all countries depending on the scope of the study and to date we have completed studies for many of the top 50 honomichel including end clients such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Large Financial institutions and many large pharma companies to name a few.

  • In-Country Native-Speaking Interviewers

  • Accreditations / Credentials

  • Quality Control

  • Call Recordings

  • Live Listening

  • Quality Control Process for Client

  • Samples/Database

  • Open Ends