As we all know, no one company can do it all with internal resources.  Instead we specialize in what we do best and then utilize partners that have agreed to our processes to implement.  We have phone rooms available across all major markets of the worlds. We distributed the resources as you see below in the first table. You will notice in the table below that against some countries we have listed multiple centers.  In countries where we can use English only, both English and native language we usually opt to manage as much under one roof as possible for many reasons including ease of watching quality and monitoring.   

Please note that we can give you Native Speakers for all the countries except we may have to use non -native speakers for Japanese and Korean. Even though they are not native speakers, they are completely fluent and do multi language interviewing for many of our studies each year.  

The table below shows where the centers would be located for the country noted. We can just use an in country solution  within overflow and English interviews coming out of India. There is a slight increase to the pricing where noted. 

Several of the APAC countries are called out of India with Native speakers since the costs to use in country centers are incredibly expensive as can be seen below as well as it’s more difficult to trust the quality and we prefer to have the option to choose based on the size or scope of the project.